Hemp and CBD 101: What You Need to Know


    Cannabis culture has grown exponentially over the past few years. Hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are arguably the two most prominent products in the alternative health market. Since both come from the same plant, CBD oil is often confused with hemp oil. Both oils have health properties.

    If you are new to CBD, knowing the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is vitally important. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil.

    CBD is a natural component of the cannabis plant. It is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis.

    Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant. Most CBD products on the market today are made from hemp. While hemp has a low level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is rich in CBD.

    SunJoined was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Lamar Wilson. This organization is a network of different players in the hemp industry. This includes farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors.

    Wilson describes the business model of SunJoined as “potluck capitalism.” Basically, everyone brings something to the table and benefit from the network. Apart from sharing knowledge on best practices, SunJoined informs farmers of the expectations of processors and provides them with the best and most in-demand seeds to farm. The organization has researched the best hemp varieties to grow. Processors get the chance to choose from different hemp strains grown by trustworthy farms. The SunJoined philosophy is a win-win-win for all the parties involved.

    Most of the farms in the SunJoined network are small, family-owned farms that have been in the same hands for generations. While such farms may have honed techniques for producing the best hemp plants, they could benefit from the insight of other farmers as well as accessibility to processors and buyers.

    SunJoined is not just a hemp company but has an array of products on the market including tinctures, salves, and teas.

    How Effective is CBD in Treating Period Cramps?


    Some women find the week when their monthly menstruation arrives to be dreadful and painful. This is because of menstrual cramps and spasm that may took a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do other activities due to their excruciating pain. Unfortunately, painful menstrual cramps are a natural part of those with a uterus. Good thing is, there are ways to manage it.

    Some may have resolved the problem using natural ways (e.g. change in lifestyle and the intake of supplements) or the use of over-the-counter pain reliever drugs. Recently though, the use of cannabidiol products in relieving menstrual pain and attention has taken an ample amount of media attention, mainly because of anecdotal evidence of women who were freed of the pain and discomfort and were happy to share their stories to the world.

    CBD, a substance extracted from cannabis sativa (hemp), is scientifically easy to gain a reaction from our bodies due to cannabinoid receptors where the CBD substance can easily bind. When this happens, CBD alters the cell function and will start to affect a person’s appetite, sleep and may relieve pain. In the case of menstrual cramps, studies said that CBD relieves the pain and inflammation of the uterus, a normal occurrence when it contracts to let go of its lining.

    This, however, is not supported by scientific and published papers yet. But Dr. Dani Gordon, a cannabinoid medicine expert, claimed that patients taking high doses of CBD oil daily have reported improved and less severe symptoms of PMS and period pains in a period of three months.

    Actually, the effectiveness of cannabis in treating period pain and cramps is not entirely new. In fact, some medical experts called it the forgotten ‘women’s medicine’ that was used as early as the 16th century in China when people back then considered cannabis as a normal, natural remedy for women experiencing menstrual cramps and pains.

    A few centuries later, particularly in the 19th century, Queen Victoria, experienced the benefits of cannabis as her ‘go-to medicine’ for menstrual cramps. Interestingly, this medical advice comes from her trusted royal physician.

    Then again, this historical accounts attributed the positive to cannabis, in general. It is not clear whether the effect was caused by THC or CBD. Ethan Russo may have provided an answer on the effectiveness in his preclinical research. According to him, the alleviation of menstrual pain is caused by a synergistic effect between THC and CBD–CBD as a pain-suppressant and THC as a muscle relaxant.

    To get away of the high brought by THC, women may use CBD products instead in the form of CBD oils or tinctures that can be applied topically.

    There are even suppositories for fast pain relief and a guaranteed high concentrations of CBD. The Forsica Basics suppositories, which costs $72, is an example of this method. This suppository is infused with CBD and can be directly put inside the woman’s organ when the need arises.

    Nikki and Leah, founders of organic tampon brand Ohne, however, strongly discouraged the use of tampoons and suppositories saying that high doses of CBD may yield unpleasant effects to the body just like how coffee and alcohol (both are stimulants) may produce a drowsy effect on a person when taken in huge amounts.

    Yes, a lot of women have been enjoying cannabis and CBD in treating menstrual pain and cramps but one should still maintain a critical eye in its usage. For example, a lot of debates regarding the ideal amount, type of product and brand have come up in recent years. Sources, however, insisted that one should start in small doses before experimenting in large doses. Also, one may also want to undergo a health checkup to make sure that the menstrual cramps and pains are not associated with more serious reproductive diseases.

    Is It Legal To Mail Hemp And CBD Products?


    Since medicinal marijuana has taken off and has gained acceptance in 33 states in the US, its market has also expanded even to towns and cities where it is not available yet. Thanks to the Internet, one can have more shopping options, including shops that sell CBD products and hemp online. Most of these shops are even willing to ship products even to those states in which these substances are not legalized. But question is, is it legal to mail hemp and other CBD products? What regulations consumers and shippers should know to facilitate a smooth transaction?

    Earlier this month, the US Postal Service released an advisory containing rules and clarifications in the proper and legal mailing of cannabis. The report made a clear announcement that it is legal to mail hemp-derived CBD products ‘under specific conditions.’ This rule comes after the research-focused provision of the federal agriculture legislation in 2014.

    What Should Customers Prepare for?

    To avail of this service, a signed self-certification statement and documentation proving that the product comes from a legal hemp producer and supplier must be provided. It should also clearly state that the producer has a license approved by the state agricultural department.

    Customers should expect that the product will be examined by the USPS to make sure that they contain 0.3 percent THC, a method that is in compliance with the standard THC content mandated by both 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill definitions of the substance.

    However, the public should know that this legislation is not fully implemented yet, and the criteria for allowed substances might still change and be modified. Also, the government is yet to announce when these rules will be officially formalized. So far, it was reported that lawmakers are urging the government to pass the law. Meanwhile, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue advised stakeholders to ‘proceed slowly’ and make time to enlighten the public on the crop’s complexity. He, however, surmised that the regulations will be ready in time for the 2020 growing season of the crop.

    Before this milestone happened, determined stakeholders like Courtney N. Moran, founding principal of EARTH Law, LLC had fought so hard to pave the way for the legal mailing of hemp. Despite misunderstandings surrounding legal hemp, Moran has won 16 cases with the Postal Service.

    “All of them had been decided in our favor. And all of those folks either received their packages back already or they’ve gone on their way to be received from the recipient,” she explained.

    The recent case that Moran won was on December 11, 2018. That case was focused around hemp seeds. 

    According to Moran, these wins are only temporary and for sure there will be setbacks in the shipping of legal hemp. The lawyer also said that those intended to ship illegal marijuana might take advantage of this opportunity causing more problem and mistrust in The US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS).

    “Only this agricultural pilot program hemp is lawful. So, let’s say somebody grew industrial hemp domestically but was not part of a pilot program and did not have their proper registration or license through their state’s authorizing agency — that would not be legal and not be compliant,” she emphasized.

    To make sure that one is buying legal hemp in compliance with standards, one should conduct plenty of research, and consider important questions as a guide in buying the product. One should also make sure that the company is trusted. In Colorado, for example, there are a number of companies manufacturing medicinal and legal cannabis but the Ambary Gardens are one of those few trusted ones with its use of organic, non-GMO hemp in deriving its CBD products.

    Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Jacksonville, FL


    March is a victorious month for medical marijuana activists as Governor deSantis finally approved the bill legalizing the smoking of medical weed. The bill is still not fully-functional yet and government agencies are yet to establish rules concerning the use, amount, and dispensing of the substance.

    While waiting for the bill to get fully moving, one might want to enjoy the services of these five legal and professional medical marijuana dispensaries in Jacksonville, Florida. These dispensaries provide a full line of cannabis products of different varieties and forms like CBD oil, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topical products, oral syringes, capsules, flowers and concentrates. One can also choose from other forms like waxes, shatters, dabs and edible forms of cannabis. Accessories for using cannabis like vape pens, vaporizers and batters can be also be typically found in these clinics.


    Truelive guarantees that all their products are natural, hand-grown and free of chemicals and pests. They specialize in alleviating body conditions and symptoms associated with more serious illnesses like cancer. Their products are mainly designed to alleviate seizures, severe and persistent muscle spasms, pain, nausea and loss of appetite. They also have products low in THC/CBD, an option for patients who do not want non-euphoric treatment. They have a number of dispensaries in Florida, California and Massachusetts.

    Before being admitted in any Truelive dispensary, one must complete an application with requirements like the applicant’s identification card, $75 in check or money order that serves as an application fee to be submitted to the Florida Department of Health, and a passport-style, colored photograph taken within the last 90 days.

    Surterra Wellness

    Surterra Wellness is a trusted Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) in Florida ready to deliver and dispense medical cannabis products in areas like Orange Park, Atlantic Beach and in Duval County. It follows the highest standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production of medical marijuana to guarantee patients with a Qualifying Debilitating Condition. These services are in the form of quality THC and CBD products.

    They offer transdermal patches, vape cartridges and concentrate oral syringes that can be obtained by going into one of Surterra Dispensary locations or by using the center’s medical marijuana deliveries RX program.

    Knox Cannabis Dispensaries

    ‘Relaxation on Demand.’ These are the words that Knox Cannabis Dispensaries live by as it provides patients with cannabis products in the most convenient, hassle-free way.

    Their high-THC products are complete with naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids for a wide range of medical applications. They come in cartridges, drops and capsule form.

    Want to experience healing and health renewal without psychoactive effects? Try Knox’s array of CBD products. These products are CO2-extracted and designed for a wide range of applications.

    The CBD products are in the form of cartridges, drops, topical products, capsules and suppositories.

    Their Blended products are also a perfect fusion of THC and CBD products with minimal psychoactive effects. They are in form of drops, capsules, topical products and suppositories.


    Curaleaf believes in the power of cannabis to improve lives better and would happily guide anybody interested to experience its wonders. They live by their core values which includes compassion, education and quality. In Curaleaf, one can choose from their three groups of products: Curaleaf, Curaleaf Hemp and UKU Craft Cannabis.

    Barbados Investing in Medical Marijuana Industry


    It may have met a lot of resistance, but plans of investing in the medical marijuana industry in Barbados may soon become a reality.

    Six months after her election, Prime Minister Mia Motley expressed her plans of legalizing medical marijuana on the island.  “There is no doubt that we will put a framework in place for medical cannabis within the next week or so. In fact, we have … taken a decision, we just need some refining and training with practition­ers,” she announced.

    The proclamation received strong resistance from religious communities, some legal fraternities, and educators. Her plan, however, does not include legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, but the latter may be decided through a referendum.

    Motley assured Barbadians that her administration will take the matter seriously and will make decisions based on research. She alludes to the nation’s ‘mistakes of history’ and would want to invest first on domestic clinics and recuperative villages before investing in exports.

    “So that the whole value added chain is delivered here, and the area in which we do it which is tourism, and that gives you a long-stay tourist,” she said.

    Motley is also considering the business aspect of the medical marijuana investment and is looking at establishing partnerships with other countries who are willing to accommodate those kinds of investments.

    “You cannot have your primary market which is Canada, the international business and financial services sector moving rapidly into new areas of investment and you can’t match as a domicile, the ability to accommodate those new areas of investment because if you don’t what are they going to do? Go elsewhere,” she said.

    As an investment, the 53-year old Prime Minister announced that the campaign will include the participation of locals in the industry.

    The announcement did not meet resistance from the Ministry of Health as its acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George also confirmed his support for the plan considering the medical benefits of cannabis.

    He announced his office’s big involvemen in the preparation of medical cannabis regulation.

    “We expect medical marijuana will be given the same type of safeguards (as Schedule 1 drugs) to protect the population and the persons who will dispense the drug. We prefer to have a core group of persons who are recognised by the fraternity to be the initial gatekeepers with respect to the prescription and dispensing of medical marijuana,” George said.

    To date, Barbados law implements strict anti-marijuana regulations. Possessing cannabis for personal and recreational use can lead up to a fine of 250,000 Barbadian dollars ($124,890/£98,966) or imprisonment for five years in extreme cases. The law clearly states that over 15 grams of cannabis is ‘trafficable quantity’ and handlers of such amount of substance may be punishable by law. People who are involved in trafficking cannabis may face life imprisonment.

    This law, however, may change in the future with Prime Minister Mottley’s plan to invest in medical marijuana. This may also mean that Barbados will be joining the trend of making reforms concerning the use of cannabis in recent years. In 2015, it can be remembered that Jamaica decriminalized the possession of up to two ounces or five plants of Cannabis. Antigua and Barbuda have also announced plans to legally produce marijuana for religious and medical purposes.

    Other Carribean nations have also announced their support for the pro-medical marijuana campaign. A source said that the University of Guelph will be responsible for the Research and Development as well as certification programs of the campaign.

    The chairperson of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Commission on marijuana, Rose-Marie Belle Antoine also voiced her support for the change of the region’s existing cannabis laws.

    “…I want to say emphatically that I am not sitting on the fence anymore, and after reviewing all of the evidence, looking at all of the laws, listening to people in the region, I am personally committed and quite clear in my mind that the law needs to change,” she said during last month’s consultation on cannabis in Dominica.

    CBD and Pets: Some Important Questions


    We want to give the best for the ones closest to our hearts. You might have seen the latest CBD products on your vet’s shelf, and you’re tempted to give it a try for your pet.

    Before saying yes or no, you have to do some research about the product and whether or not you would like to believe in the anecdotal evidences. Hre are a few questions worth asking before spending cash on CBD for your pets.

    Is This Approved by the FDA?

    CBD products, in general, are still on its premature phase and still need more solid scientific backup to prove its efficacy. According to FDA Spokesperson Lindsay Haake, the agency has ‘no restrictions on extra-label use’ of the drug on animals. However, veterinarians must follow the principles discussed in the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA), as well as any state and federal regulations for the handling of the drug.

    Other sources also recommend buying CBD pet products tested in a third party lab. These tests can give assurance that the drug was not exposed to pesticides, microbial, or solvents.

    How Much CBD is Safe for my Pet?

    Despite not being approved by the FDA yet, no toxic stories or negative reviews have been found against CBD. Still, this should not be the reason to experiment on dosage.

    A statement from Dr. Cornelia Wagner, owner of Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic in Portland may, however, become a guide on the ideal dosage for these substances. According to Dr. Wagner, there are no clear medical guidelines in the use of CBD, but she strongly recommends to start administering in the lowest possible amount, say 1 mg/ml a day.

    “The upper dose limit for CBD products recommended is around 1 mg/kg/day orally, but one should start with a much smaller fraction of this dose such as 0.05 mg/kg/day,” states Dr. Wagner on the Hawthorne Clinic’s website. “For THC products, start with an oral dose of 0.1-0.25 mg/kg THC once or twice dail.”

    Wagner further elaborated that if there are no side effects, then the pet owner may increase the dosage gradually every 5 days in amounts no larger than .05ml/mg per week. This is especially true among THC products as dogs’ endocannabinoid system is much more complex and have more receptors than that of human’s.

    What Kind of Illnesses in Dogs can be Treated With CBD?

    In a survey conducted by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA), some 600 pet owners claimed that CBD has the following benefits: pain relief, sleep aid, anxiety relief (including those caused by thunderstorm and firework phobia), nervous system support, reduced inflammation, reduced seizures, preventing vomiting and nausea, mitigating muscle spasms, helping with digesting tract issues, skin condition treatments and cancer prevention.

    Can CBD React With Other Medicine?

    Medications that are FDA-approved should still be your first priority. Before considering using any CBD products on your pets, try to consult first with your vet. Taking CBD with another existing medicine may alter the medicine’s efficacy.

    “…if an animal is on other medications, especially ones with narrow therapeutic ranges, a pet owner should discuss the concurrent use of CBD with their veterinarian prior to starting.” Dr. Tim Shu, CEO and founder of VETCBD advised.

    Also, it is strictly not advisable to administer CBD products intended for humans to your pets as these may include ingredients not healthy for dogs and cats.

    Which CBD Product Should I Buy?

    There is a wide range of CBD products to choose from. They may exist in different forms like oils, tinctures, sprays (oral and topical), dog treats, and other topical treatments. Do some research on these products or read the product guidelines and labels. Also, go for hemp and CBD products that are low in TH. The sugar content of the product is also important.

    Canadians Still Prefer Buying Marijuana in Physical Stores Than Online Shops


    Canada is one of the forerunners of legalizing both recreational and medicinal marijuana. Since its legalization, cannabis dispensaries and outlets have been growing in number, but not enough to entertain citizens eligible to use the substance.

    In Quebec, for example, it was reported that there are only a dozen cannabis stores in the province for its 700,000 people. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be bothered by the long distance that you have to take or the extremely low temperature during winter just to reach a cannabis shop, then you would decide to shop online.

    However, this is not happening. A report said that most Canadians, actually, prefer to buying marijuana and CBD products from physical stores.

    Canadians want the traditional touch-and-feel experience in shopping. This attitude is not only in Quebec but also in other provinces that sell a large amount of cannabis product in their shop. Except for Alberta which is ‘doing quite well’ in online selling of cannabis,  the rest of the provinces have a hard time selling cannabis online with very few customers wanting to buy them.

    Buying Cannabis Like Buying Groceries

    Canadians want to touch and feel the product before buying it. Smelling it will give an assurance to both first timers and experienced buyers that they are buying quality cannabis. This is especially beneficial for inexperienced customers who want to learn more.

    “It’s like buying groceries — you like to look at the produce and touch it. You get some information that way that you can’t get online,” Brock University business professor Michael Armstrong said.

    Plus, going to a physical store will let buyers sniff more samples that can enhance user experience as well as broaden their choices.

    Fear of Divulging Lots Of Information Online

    Even if recreational marijuana is already legal in Canada, still a lot of consumers value their privacy and do not want to leave a permanent trail of data required in online shops.

    “You have to share your ID in a store, but one you’ve done that, there’s no record of you having been there. You could pay in cash and walk out the door with your plain paper bag. People can see you going in and out of the store, but there’s nothing tracked,” professor Armstrong further elaborated.

    The Need For More Readily Available Information

    When one buys online, there is nobody (except robots or customer service who may give delayed replies) who will assist buyers and provide them with important information. According to Armstrong, going to a physical store and discussing one’s choice with a sales rep is the fastest and most convenient way to get information.

    Deepak Anand, CEO of Materia Ventures, a cannabis supply and distribution company agreed with Armstrong’s idea.

    “People want to be able to understand, from people they can trust, how this is going to taste and feel, and how it will make them feel,” Anand said.

    In a Reddit thread, some users reacted to the topic.

    Some clarified saying that they do not hate buying weed online but are worried about giving their private information or paying through credit card.

    Some users alluded about not getting a cheaper price online and thus would still want to go to a black market.

    Meanwhile, it is expected that marijuana edibles will be available in stores around October 17, 2019 in time with the second phase of legalizing recreational weed in Canada. The market for cannabis edibles is anticipated to be worth  $4.1 billion in Canada and the United States by 2022.

    CBD Market Predicted to Grow Rapidly in Europe


    Unlike the US, Europe showed hesitation towards accepting CBD and CBD products in the market due to the varying laws in each country. However, this has changed and Europeancannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) markets are poised to grow exponentially in the next few years.

    According to a research from Brightfield Group, CBD markets are predicted to rise up to over 2400% and 400% by 2023. In 2018, CBD markets made about $318 million in Europe. This amount is predicted to increase up to $416 million in 2019. In 2023, it is estimated to reach $1.7 billion.

    The trend is not only in Europe but as well as in other countries across the globe. “Once established, they will pave the way for a stable and scalable medical cannabis market across the region, rather than the patchwork that is in place today,” the research group announced.

    The research group, with its Managing Director, Bethany Gomez attributed the growth of the CBD market to several factors.

    The trend may signal the improved awareness of Europeans about the benefits of the substance.

    This also signals the change of opinions of organizations like United Nations and the World Health Organization.

    “Discussions and decisions within these circles – and at the state level – have been much more friendly toward CBD’s legalization and use than that of cannabis overall,” Brightfield said.

    As CBD’s reputation has grown in recent years, more people want to try the substance, some of them using CBD products as an alternative to smoking tobacco. CBD products are marketed as a healthier option.

    To date, Europe’s spending power is expected to increase in the coming years, and the CBD markets is expected to benefit from this. Germany, which has the largest cannabis market in the continent, may invest more in cannabis products from $73 million in 2018 to $2.7 billion in 2023. UK and France are also expected to welcome cannabis products.

    CBD use in Europe has been prohibited in food additives. This scenario may change with the recent amendment by the European Food Safety Agency to allow CBD to be found in ingestible products.

    Regulations regarding cannabis use in Netherlands still restrict its distribution up to a retail level while 65 percent of the Dutch expressed their support for the full legalization of cannabis.

    Top 5 CBD Vape Liquids


    The effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD0 in treating various illnesses and in relieving pain, anxiety, and insomnia have made it popular. Now that more and more states have legalized it, CBD has gained more influence on the market with manufacturers experimenting in formulating other merchandise infused with CBD. One of these products are vape liquids infused with CBD.

    Characteristics of CBD Vape Liquids

    Experts have said that vaping CBD makes users feel relaxed and calm. Its therapeutic effect is made possible by its natural and organic components.

    CBD vape liquids are also affordable to users debunking the traditional idea that good quality comes with a high price. CBD vape liquids come in different flavors too, making the vaping experience more varied and pleasurable.

    Here are our top 5 best CBD vape liquids.

    Hemp Bombs

    Hemp Bombs will surely please your senses with its best-tasting and great flavors including OG Watermelon, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl among others. Despite its great quality and flavor, this vape juice is affordable. It is certified organic and free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

    Hemp Bombs also have other products such as CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD capsules, pain freeze, lollipops, syrup, e-liquid additives, pet products, CBD shots and many more.

    CBDfx Vape Juice

    This vape juice maker is popular for its vape liquids and vape additives. It has popular flavors like Strawberry Kiwi, Fruity Cereal, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Milk among others. CBDfx’s products comes with 250 mg, 500 mg and 100 mg of CBD.

    CBDfx also has other exciting CBD products such as gummies, tincture oil, vape oil, drinks, vape kits, CBD for pets, topical creams and vape pens.  

    Koi CBD

    Koi CBD vape juice is exciting to use as one can either use it to vape. It is processed naturally and does not have that strong, earthy aftertaste usually found in other CBD e-liquids.

    Koi CBD uses the purest ingredients in the production of its vape liquids. It undergoes careful testing to assure product consistency, purity and safety. Other Koi Natural CBD products include oils, vape devices and cartridges, CBD for pets, gummies and topical CBD.

    Nature’s Script CBD Juice

    This vaping juice comes in various fruity flavors and is available with differetn CBD concentrations from 75 mg to 100 mg. Because it is all natural and nicotine-free, one can get the pleasure of vaping while taking care of one’s health and getting only all-natural, nicotine-free, chemical-free ingredients. It is also absolutely THC-free. 

    Nature’s Script also has other CBD products including gummies, oils, pain gel, capsules and pet oils.

    CBD Drip

    CBD Drip gives users the option to vape its CBD e-liquid alone, mix it with other flavors. It is all natural and its cannabinoid extracts come from raw hemp plant. However, it may contain traces of THC.

    In choosing CBD vape products, one should decide on several factors. First, the amount of THC in the product should be considered and should be in accordance to one’s needs. A CBD vaping juice should also come from reputable shops.

    Can CBD Oil Heal Arthritis?


    CBD products have been gaining popularity both in the US and in Europe. With this fame, people are getting more curious about the capacity of CBD to healing health problems. Currently, there are CBD oils meant to treat arthritis.

    The pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints are a hindrance in accomplishing one’s daily goals and would prevent individuals from performing well at work and at home causing some patients with arthritis to get depressed through time. F

    Studies Proving CBD’s Effectiveness

    How effective is CBD oil in healing arthritis? A study published in December 2017 analyzed the substance’s capacity in preventing osteoarthritis pain and join neuropathy. The study yielded positive results stating that it decreased joint inflammation and protected the nerves. These findings support the existing body of knowledge which proves the power of CBD oil in relieving other chronic pain conditions such as multiple sclerosis and cancer.

    In another study, experts tested CBD oil among animals suffering from arthritis pain. Again, the study was successful. Yet, experts warned that the results may not be applicable among humans in relieving arthritis pain and inflammation. In 2016, a set of tests looked at CBD’s capacity to heal rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA) and fibromyalgia. It was found that CBD helped patients feel better as it alleviated the pain and helped them sleep.

    Dr. Daniel Clauw, a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is optimistic about the power of CBD to alleviating body pains. In fact, he recommends it to his patients. He even announced that CBD is effective in treating knee OA.

    “Nearly all potential side effects of cannabinoids are from THC, not CBD,” he said.

    An earlier study conducted in 2006 tested the efficiency of using cannabis-based medicine in treating RA. This study used the cannabis-based medication called Sativex. The researchers proclaimed that the substance led to a significant change in alleviating pain and in reducing inflammation.

    These findings establish the potency of CBD oil aside from existing anecdotes and success stories. Actually, our body is built to receive CBD in a positive way. This is because of the existence of two receptors, called CB1 and CB2 in our body that interacts with CBD oil in reducing pain and inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a condition where one’s immune system is attacked and has an effect on one’s tissue joints. CBD2 plays a role in the immune system. Its interaction with CBD oil to reduce RA symptoms.

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cbd-8.jpe

    CBD oil may be available in the form of liquid directly applied to the affected area, and a capsule that can be ingested orally. You can also add CBD oil to food or water. CBD oil can even be used with other topical products like one’s favorite lotion.

    To effectively use CBD, Dr. Clauw advises starting with low doses, ideally 5-10mg of the product twice a day. Patients can slowly increase the amount up to 50-100 mg a day. Clauw also explained that edible CBD products have a more lasting than vaping products. Using products with THC may also be better if the patient does not see any positive result from using products with pure CBD. Then again, patients below 25 years old should exercise extra caution in using CBD products with THC. This age group has been found to be vulnerable of being addicted, in developing dependency towards substances and developing psychosis.