Some women find the week when their monthly menstruation arrives to be dreadful and painful. This is because of menstrual cramps and spasm that may took a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do other activities due to their excruciating pain. Unfortunately, painful menstrual cramps are a natural part of those with a uterus. Good thing is, there are ways to manage it.

Some may have resolved the problem using natural ways (e.g. change in lifestyle and the intake of supplements) or the use of over-the-counter pain reliever drugs. Recently though, the use of cannabidiol products in relieving menstrual pain and attention has taken an ample amount of media attention, mainly because of anecdotal evidence of women who were freed of the pain and discomfort and were happy to share their stories to the world.

CBD, a substance extracted from cannabis sativa (hemp), is scientifically easy to gain a reaction from our bodies due to cannabinoid receptors where the CBD substance can easily bind. When this happens, CBD alters the cell function and will start to affect a person’s appetite, sleep and may relieve pain. In the case of menstrual cramps, studies said that CBD relieves the pain and inflammation of the uterus, a normal occurrence when it contracts to let go of its lining.

This, however, is not supported by scientific and published papers yet. But Dr. Dani Gordon, a cannabinoid medicine expert, claimed that patients taking high doses of CBD oil daily have reported improved and less severe symptoms of PMS and period pains in a period of three months.

Actually, the effectiveness of cannabis in treating period pain and cramps is not entirely new. In fact, some medical experts called it the forgotten ‘women’s medicine’ that was used as early as the 16th century in China when people back then considered cannabis as a normal, natural remedy for women experiencing menstrual cramps and pains.

A few centuries later, particularly in the 19th century, Queen Victoria, experienced the benefits of cannabis as her ‘go-to medicine’ for menstrual cramps. Interestingly, this medical advice comes from her trusted royal physician.

Then again, this historical accounts attributed the positive to cannabis, in general. It is not clear whether the effect was caused by THC or CBD. Ethan Russo may have provided an answer on the effectiveness in his preclinical research. According to him, the alleviation of menstrual pain is caused by a synergistic effect between THC and CBD–CBD as a pain-suppressant and THC as a muscle relaxant.

To get away of the high brought by THC, women may use CBD products instead in the form of CBD oils or tinctures that can be applied topically.

There are even suppositories for fast pain relief and a guaranteed high concentrations of CBD. The Forsica Basics suppositories, which costs $72, is an example of this method. This suppository is infused with CBD and can be directly put inside the woman’s organ when the need arises.

Nikki and Leah, founders of organic tampon brand Ohne, however, strongly discouraged the use of tampoons and suppositories saying that high doses of CBD may yield unpleasant effects to the body just like how coffee and alcohol (both are stimulants) may produce a drowsy effect on a person when taken in huge amounts.

Yes, a lot of women have been enjoying cannabis and CBD in treating menstrual pain and cramps but one should still maintain a critical eye in its usage. For example, a lot of debates regarding the ideal amount, type of product and brand have come up in recent years. Sources, however, insisted that one should start in small doses before experimenting in large doses. Also, one may also want to undergo a health checkup to make sure that the menstrual cramps and pains are not associated with more serious reproductive diseases.